So, you want to find some investment properties, but you don’t know the area, the right type of place,
or how to make even the dirtiest, smelliest properties make you a good return on invest…

Don’t worry… we do!

We know the area like no one else and we understand how to make even those scary places,
investment worthy that turn a good profit.

A property doesn't have to be perfect, to be a good deal!

Even the dirtiest, smelliest houses with swirly carpets can be transformed into investment properties that give you a good return.

Why spend fortunes when your portfolio can be built on some of these gems.


Stephen Owens has worked in property since 2016. A former Welsh Guard, he dedicated himself to learning about doing property right. He then made it his full time occupation, finding others the best properties for their portfolios, thanks to his expert knowledge of the South Wales property market, and finding diamonds in the rough.

Saving you time

If you want to build your future investments with a property portfolio, but you struggle with there being enough hours in the day, let us take that pressure off of you, and find those gems that will give you the returns you want.

what will you discover?

Our discovery days will give you the opportunity to explore the local areas yourself. We will take you around some great finds, assist you with seeing the bigger picture, and even helping you secure the purchase!